Fangirl Friday: Penryn and the End of Days – Round 3!


Here at SorceryInTheBookshelves we love our graphics. And by we I mean me, Sondra. I love making fun backgrounds for my favorite series and without farther preamble here’s the Fangirl Friday download for Penryn and the End of Days!

Angelfall1Click for full sized image! And as always if you need another size; let me know.

Probably one of my favorite quotes from the series. And I really love the colors I was able to pull from the cover of Angelfall, what do you think?

Fangirl Friday: Penryn and the End of Days – Round 2! How Would YOU handle the Apocalypse?


Angelfall for me is probably one of the most terrifying books I’ve ever read. It doesn’t really help that my main fears are drowning and being burried alive. But that’s beside the point. One of the main things it really got me thinking about was what if the apocolypse happened tomorrow? What would I do to keep my family safe? What would I go through just trying to keep food on our table? It kept me up a few nights after reading just thinking about it.

So I thought lets talk about it for a bit? (What’s loosing a bit more sleep for a blog post eh?)

For me? I’d head to either Costco or the mall. Whichever was closer to me. Living in Costco would be great, there’s a lot of food, not to mention books and clothes. There’s a lot of great things there that would help you survive for quite a while. At the mall? Well again there’s a food (Although not as much as Costco) but there’s a lot of supplies that could be made into anything you need to survive.

So what would you do if the apocolypse started tomorrow? How would you deal with it? Where would you rather go? I want to hear! Sound off in the comments!