Storming the Castle – A Mystery Story


Once outside, the cool breeze did much to restore their spirits and bolster their resolve to discovering the missing foundress. As the walk, they went over the too few clues that had been included within the folder noting that it would be more challenging to discoverthe truth.

 Shyly, one of the five said, “When I first arrived, I was dismayed to learn that I was not the sole person invited to participate. Yet, now that the case is before us, I am glad to not be working alone as it seems to be a most daunting job we have been tasked with.” As the sun began to sink, they came across a rocky clearing that was scattered with scrub brush. Just as they began to turn away to head back, a glinting upon the ground caught the eye of another one of the sleuths. “Did you see that?” they suddenly exclaimed!

One said, “What, what did you see?” “I’m not sure, but something reflected the sinking sun for just a moment,” replied the first one.

Slowly, they began searching the nearby ground in hopes of spotting whatever had caught their attention. Just as they were beginning to lose hope of finding it, a cry went up. “We found it, we found it! Looks like a pair of glasses were caught on the brush,”

With the light nearly gone, and dark rapidly turning the land dark and menacing, they quickly made their back towards the castle.

When they returned, they were met at the door by a short man that they had yet to meet. Curiously, they eyed him thinking him lost, as his presence was not mentioned when they set out. With a smile, he welcomed them back and introduced himself as “H”, one of the Society members. Seeing an opportunity to learn more about the Society and the foundress, they followed him in with the thought of questioning him at the first chance.

Sensing their thoughts, he said, “All I can tell you is that this is not the first time she has vanished. It is,” he sighed, “the longest she has been gone with not a word as to what she was searching nor where she might be. I’m afraid that is all I know.” With these thoughts, they decided to think it over for the night and to search the castle for a hint. Anything!

To continue on with the story, tune in tomorrow for the conclusion.

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