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My Favorite Childhood Book

While this isn’t my true childhood favorite, it sure feels like my childhood in a book. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times and how many Baby Sitters-Club books I read in my young years. I still have them all actually, they’re double stacked on a shelf behind me, I can’t imagine ever getting rid of them. These girls were my friends for several years and I waited my package with four more books every month. I don’t know if these books shaped me but they certainly changed who I was in so many ways.

I wound up not being able to finish the entire series and I still plan on one day finding the rest of the books to fill in where I’m missing. Just because these books are a huge deal for me.


 The Library Project  Thelibraryproject_Apr11-02


I just recently found out about this project while I was part of a Street Team for The Island, but I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of it and help to bring knowledge about this group to people. The Library Project helps to bring books to children in rural communities in Cambodia, China and Vietnam. See, my sister is adopted from China, so hearing about this? Well it means a lot to me. It means that my sisters people are getting a chance to have a better life with better education. I might’ve cried while reading through the website. Because this is something that hits super close to home, which I really am okay with. I really hope that y’all will at least click the link and go take a look at their website, no matter if you donate or not, just help to bring some knowledge to this amazing organization.

You can visit them, and learn more here

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Childhood Book – The Library Project

  1. I loved the babysitters club as a youngster and I think I read almost all the books in the series starting from the ones from Karen’s POV. Thank you so much for supporting this cause!

  2. I never read The Babysitter’s Club books but I had a lot of friends who did – I remember how super popular they were back then! I hope you get to find the ones you haven’t read yet 🙂
    Natalie recently posted…The Library Project: Favourite Childhood BookMy Profile

  3. Sondra – I remember reading a few series when I was a kid and never being able to get enough of them. I’d go to the library and scour the shelves looking for books in the series that I hadn’t read. I think my favorite series was Encyclopedia Brown. I don’t remember much about the books themselves, but I strongly remember being on summer vacation and reading them on my back porch – great memories.
    Thanks for helping support #thelibraryproject! I think you already realize how much the kids appreciate the books our donors give them access to.
    Ben – The Library Project

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