Marissa Meyer Stars Above Event!

So this last weekend I conned convinced my family into agreeing to drive five hours away to see the most amazing and wonderful Marissa Meyer! For those of you who don’t know Marissa is the author of the Lunar Chronicles, a series I maybe, kinda, once in a while, talk about. Que the laughing from my close friends. So here’s a quick rundown of what happened to me on a very crazy and fast weekend.

I woke up at 7AM, and got my stuff out to the car while I waited for my friend to show up, and we were on the road by eight! Drove for just shy of five hours to check into the hotel and quickly get ready for the event. Seriously, I’ve never seen three girls get ready so fast in my entire life, we were like some sort of well oiled machine, it surprised even me. We quickly headed out only to realize we’d gone to the wrong library and then we were half an hour away from the right library, and that basically was just stress on my part.

BUT ANYWAY We got to the event and started to line up. We got our signing tickets and found a comfortable spot on the floor to sit and chat with others waiting for the event. I met some great people, I talked about Marissa a lot. Then this girl showed up:


This is the ever so amazing Aneli from my Truthwitch street team! We’ve become amazing friends and I was so excited to FINALLY get to meet her! So we got to hang out and maybe scream and hug a lot but y’know that’s just the added bonus.

Finally we got our seats and the event started, we got to hear Marissa be totally adorable while she talked about the inspiration for Stars Above, and even a little bit about Iko’s story that’s coming up (Que screaming from myself and the audience) one of the best moments was when she spoke about Iko and Kenny: “Did you guys not trust me? I left so much foreshadowing!”

Then she decided to tell us the story of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid

(Sorry for the crappy video and hand shaking!)

Afterwards it was signing time!


Marissa is always so precious and sweet she and I spoke about how my name is spelled and the trouble I have with it sometimes with authors. But the best part was the look on her face when I pulled out this:


Marissa had yet to see the lithograph in person, I’d planned on just letting her sign the one spot but after that announcement, well we unrolled the entire thing and her excitement over seeing it was quite literally infectious and I found myself giggling for long after the signing.

Unfortunately after that the event was over, I got to get dinner with Aneli, and the next morning go to the Half Price Books flagship store along with the American Girl Doll store. Then the great pleasure of driving home for five hours again. But y’know what? It was all worth it. I’ve now got my poster framed and hanging in my room, and I’ve got some great memories to go along with it! 

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