Discussion Time: Skewed Ratings? Or Picky Reader?



So when I put together my end of the month wrap up I always realize “Man I read a LOT of five star books this month.” every single month this happens without fail too. So really it falls into one of two categories: I’m very easily swayed and fall in love with everything I read. Or I’m very picky, and very moody, about what I pick up. I truly feel like it’s a combination of the two but before I get ahead of myself lemme explain what I mean a bit more.

Skewed Ratings:

The truth is that I can often overlook bad things in a book. Or sometimes I’m so swept up in the story and the characters that I just go along with bad plot choices. I often find myself talking to someone else who read the book and going “Oh…I didn’t even notice that y’know you’re right that does bug me.” or the opposite of “Huh, I noticed that but, meh, it wasn’t that big of deal was it?” time and time again this happens to me when discussing books. Which makes me think, maybe I’m to heavy handed with giving out 4 and 5 star reviews? Maybe I’m not critical enough of the books I read?

Picky Reader:

If a book doesn’t at least sound good to me, I won’t pick it up, I won’t even add it to my GoodReads TBR. Sometimes I even wait for those in the community to read it to decide if I should pick it up or not. I listen to reviews, but I also go through reviews knowing what will and what won’t bother me. If I think something is going to bother me, I won’t waste my time picking it up. Life is to short to read crappy books, right? I’m also a very huge mood reader. I’ll buy books that look good at the time, and then leave them on my shelf instead of diving right in, sometimes for weeks or months at a time…Then comes a time when I’m walking by my bookshelf and go “aha. Yes. That’s it. The time is now right.” I can’t tell you how long I’ve had Percy Jackson on my radar to read, I’ve wanted to read it but I’ve just never felt swayed to pick it up. This year I finally felt like the time was right and guess what? I adored the books. Would I have adored them if I’d picked them up a while back? I don’t know, that’s a question for the universe.

So what about you? Do you fall into one of the two categories above? Or are you like me and because of that tend to fall into lots of 4 and 5 star ratings? Sound off in the comments and let me know!


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  1. I don’t really think it’s a bad thing, per say, that you get swept up in what you read! Because, really, are you going to look back on your life and think “wow, I really wish I’d enjoyed less books”? I see how it could feel weird as a reviewer, though.
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