Truthwitch, Thank you Sooz


So by now you’ve all heard about this book I’m sure, it’s been all over social media even before the street team started. Now it’s finally here. The street team is over; the book is in my hands. Yet I feel the need to write one last post before I just review Truthwitch and put it on my shelf. Truthwitch has become so much more than just a book to me. I signed up with the street team when I first saw it going around because I’d never done a street team before, I just wanted to see what it would be like. Maybe it would drive some more people to my blog, y’know? I never expected to actually become a member of the team.

I was standing in a comic book store in Georgia when I saw my phone was literally blowing up with notifications, I freaked out, and then screamed across the store to tell my friend who I was visiting that I was on the street team. Lexi probably didn’t understand half the words I was saying, but in true best friend fashion she nodded along and got excited for me. I was thinking at the time that I’d earned some cool hits for the blog, and a chance to promote this book that looked so flipping cool.

What I wound up getting was a family. The Fire Clan started out as this group of girls who didn’t know each other well, we kinda had to get over some bumps in the road at the start but before long we had hours of conversations. Chats that lasted way into the night. Yes there was drama and yes there were awkward moments when new people got added. But we adapted and changed.

I’m not joking when I say Susan Dennard and Truthwitch changed my life. Before being part of the Fire Clan I was someone who had few friends, several acquaintances, but more often than not I was alone. Especially when one of my quite literally three friends was at work, or busy. Since being part of the Fire Clan I’ve gained so many friends. People I truly can call friends. There are amazing girls that I talk to, girls that I skype with all the time, girls that I have a huge insane number of inside jokes with, girls who I absolutely love and adore, and am honored to call my friend.

My life has been changed all for the better. This support system that has come out of the Fire Clan has given me friends that I honestly hope will last for a very, very long time. I didn’t even realize how badly I needed this in my life until I had it. I didn’t realize how badly I was floundering until I wasn’t. I had a pretty serious moment when I held Truthwitch for the first time. This book, these words on paper, written by an author I’ve never met, changed my life. This book had started to mean so much more to me than just a new release I was excited to read.

So this rambling post is really just a simple thank you. Thank you, Sooz. I’ve tweeted my thanks to you, but I wanted more of this story to be out there for people to read, and I hope you read this too. I’ve got tickets to meet you in March and I hope I don’t turn into a blubbering mess when I meet you because you’ve done so much for me. So much you don’t even know about. Well, technically you do now if you’ve read this far. But still. Just, thank you, again and again. Thank you for writing Truthwitch. Thank you for agreeing to the street team, even if it was a massive headache for you, and even if you don’t want or can’t continue it for Windwitch. Thank you for agreeing to do it this one time. Just long enough for me to meet these people that helped change my life.

Also thank you to the girls who’ve become part of my life. Thank you for dealing with my ramblings, thank you for fangirling with me, thank you for the hours upon hours of texting, skyping, game playing. Thank you for loving me as I am, awkward, but admittedly adorable. Thank you for helping me realize that I’m more than just a mess of anxiety and stress.

And thank you to God above for letting me get put on the Fire Clan. It might’ve started out as just a street team. But it ended as a home.


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