Top Ten New Year’s Resolution of 2016


It’s a new year! I know I’m not the only one who still feels tempted to write “2015” everywhere…right? Anyway, we both started off 2016 on some very good reading notes, and now we’re excited to share with you our bookish resolutions for next year!


I resolve to:

  1. Not stress so much over what I do and don’t read.
  2. Read backlist titles.
  3. Try to get my stats up to 70 pages a day.
  4. Finally read all of Rick Riordan’s books.
  5. Catch up on Brandon Sanderson. (Polina would like to add that she supports this resolution. She supports all of them, but especially this one.)
  6. Start those series I keep meaning to.
  7. Read those ARCs I forget I have.
  8. Relax over blogging.
  9. Plan some new fun things for the blog.





I resolve to:

  1. Write more non-review posts! I have some fun ideas in my head but I haven’t been able to get them in words yet.
  2. Talk to other bloggers more.
  3. Not be afraid to be honest when I have something negative to say about a book that no one has pointed out yet.
  4. Read more adult fantasy. (Robin Hobb and Scott Lynch have been calling my name for the longest time.)
  5. Make a sizeable dent in the unread books I own.
  6. Read and promote more books that aren’t super popular.
  7. Read and review more diverse books, both in terms of authors and in terms of content.
  8. Have more self-control where buying books is concerned.
  9. Not feel obligated to finish a book if I’m not enjoying it.
  10. Reread Les Miserables, because seriously, it’s been too long.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten New Year’s Resolution of 2016

  1. So many great resolutions 🙂 I feel ya on ALL of them. Like seriously, most bloggers struggle with these things. But one of my bigger goals is to do as Polina says, make a HUGE dent in my unread books I already own. It’s like the moment I buy a book, I’m like, “I own it. I have all the time in the world to read this. Let me just put it off for ten bajillion light years” *shakes head* Gotta shape up!
    Great post and resolutions! 🙂
    SJ Bouquet recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday || Top Ten 2015 Releases I Meant To Get To But Didn’tMy Profile

    • And there are always new releases coming out that I really really want. Or there will be something in the clearance section of Half-Price books, or a library book sale. And I went to ALA last year and got like 60 new books, so…there’s that. I probably won’t get through all of them this year, but I’ll try for as much as I can.

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