#PassTruth Tour Stop Recap!

This will be a pretty short post, but basically I just came back from a tour event with Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard at Books Inc and I had a lot of fun, so I thought I’d just show off a little and make a post about it!

(For those of you who don’t know, Alexandra Bracken is the author of The Darkest Minds, a series that will make you cry about found families and cars and the word ‘inevitable’, and Passenger, which I haven’t gotten around to just yet but which seems like a really fun shippy book with wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey goodness. Susan Dennard wrote Something Strange and Deadly, a historical fiction series with zombies, cool ladies, and pain, and Truthwitch, a unique high fantasy full of action and beautiful friendships. They, along with Sarah J. Maas, make up one of the Power Trios of YA Lit.)

Anyway, highlights! (If you’re a Hamilton fan, I apologize for getting The Reynolds Pamphlet stuck in your head.)

  • There were a lot of writing advice questions, and both authors talked about semi-obscure things they had to research for their books, including, but not limited to, cross-sections of 1800s ships and the Adriatic sea’s type patterns.
  • “You know how there’s this piece of writing advice that goes, ‘Put your characters up in trees and throw rocks at them?’ Well, I put my characters up in trees and fire cannons at them.”–Susan Dennard
  • Alexandra Bracken was always obsessed with colonial history, and has six biographies of George Washington.
  • They both use playlists for writing (Alexandra Bracken’s can be found on Spotify, I believe) and they both had trouble writing in their hotel lobby because of the music there.
  • They got ask what their favorite books that they wrote were, and they both said whichever one they wrote recently, but Alexandra Bracken said The Darkest Minds was still closest to her heart, and Susan Dennard said A Dawn Most Wicked (the Daniel novella) was closest to hers (apparently because it was the hardest for her to write).
  • They’ve read and critiqued various drafts of Queen of Shadows but not the completed, in-print version. (Same goes for Sarah J. Maas and their books).
  • Susan wrote a sea shanty for one of her books and sang it and I’m kind of jealous of how nice her singing voice is. (and also of the fact that she apparently couch-surfed Croatia once?)
  • Here’s a picture of the tour stop audience that Alexandra Bracken posted on her tumblr! (I’m in the second row, with glasses and a blue top).

Anyway, Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard are both super cool and I was really glad to meet them and hear more about their writing process! With school starting, I probably won’t have as much time to devote to reading and blogging, but this tour stop was an excellent way to end winter break and start 2016 for real.


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