Discussion Time: To Review or Not to Review, That is the Question.


So I started thinking about this when I finished Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I really enjoyed the book, but I got to wondering, is it worth reviewing it on my blog? Is it worth writing a fully detailed review for this story that pretty much everyone knows?

Then my answer came quite simply. Why not? Why shouldn’t I? And not just because I need blog posts each and every week, I’ve grown used to missing weeks now and then. But I write reviews because I enjoy telling people about the books that I’ve read and enjoyed (Or didn’t enjoy for that matter). Even if I’m the last person in the entire world to read a book why can’t I still scream it to the void that I loved it? Why is there this pressure with blogging to only review new books?

Obviously a lot of this falls on the shoulders of ARCs. There’s always discussion about people who start blogging just for ARCs and the way that other bloggers feel about those people. I’m not going to dip my toe into that discussion right now. But what I am going to say is that ARCs present this feeling of “I HAVE TO READ THIS AND REVIEW IT NOW.”

It means that when we, as bloggers, get time to review books, we spend most of our energy reviewing the books that we feel pressured to get up on our blog. Then that turns around and leaves all of our blogs looking the same, and with the same reviews. It’s not publishers fault, they’re trying to raise attention for books, and we love to help them. We want these books to get all of the love and attention they deserve when they’re published!

But it means that amazing books, that used to get all kinds of notice and love, now start to slip away and slide to the background. They’re left on the shelf at the library, or on your personal shelf unread. It means that the excitement that was once there for that book has faded. Obviously Percy Jackson isn’t one of those books, but I could list millions of others, I’m sure you could look at your own bookshelves and find a large number of them too.

So I guess what I’m trying to say in this slightly rambling post is lets change things 2016. Let’s pick up those older books, and let’s review them. Let’s remind people of those books that they forgot to read years ago. I know I’m going to review those books this year.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Time: To Review or Not to Review, That is the Question.

  1. I totally 100% agree. ARC’s and the flurry to review new books takes away from the older books, and what blogging was originally all about- a place to fangirl about books, to hate books, to just talk books. Blogging isn’t homework, or a job. You shouldn’t have to read NEW and COVETED reads just to stay relevant. You READ therefore to all readers, what you review should matter. Your opinion matters. BOOKS from all years MATTER.
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    • This is EXACTLY IT!! You shouldn’t get bogged down with blogging, you should enjoy pulling up your blog and working on new posts!!

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