Reread Challenge: Cress by Marissa Meyer

The 2015 Re-Read Challenge

WHEN I First Read:  Feb 2014


WHY I Wanted to Re-Read: Same song third verse should get better but it just gets worse. (Tell me at least SOMEONE knows that song?) Winter is really close. (Like by the time this posts it’s gonna be out holy crap guys)

HOW I Felt After Re-Reading: When I first read this book I really was focused on the known characters. Yes I enjoyed Cress and Thorne’s interactions, and their relationship, I even enjoyed their chapters, but my brainpower was completely focused on everyone else. Just because everyone else I was more connected to. Well this time, I knew the big plot twists, and I knew what would and wouldn’t be okay, so I let myself focus on Cress and Thorne more.

I caught so many little things in their relationship that made me ship them so much more than I could’ve thought possible. (Scarlet and Wolf are still my favorites, don’t you worry about that). But I was far more able to get into their storyline and just let myself enjoy the story rather than sheer panic over what was happening elsewhere in the book.

WOULD I Re-Read Again: Not only yes, but soon I think. This series only gets better with rereads, because you’re able to point at the book and go “Um. That’s a thing later.” That you completely miss when you’re first reading, mostly because you don’t know it will be a thing later. So after Winter comes out, after the whole story is known, I’m already looking forward to rereading this series in its completed form. I’ll give myself some rest, focus on some new reviews for y’all. But oh, it’s happening. 

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