Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Bookish Wishes

TTTThis week’s theme is Top Ten Bookish Wishes
Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish


  1. The ability to get my hands on any book, not just meaning arcs, but like being able to not have to spend so much money on books.
  2. A library with a ladder on rails.
  3. The ability to jump in and out of stories at will.
  4. The ability to protect characters from authors.
  5. Never running out of bookshelf space.
  6. Never running out of room for bookshelves.
  7. The ability to see a really great book on #PitMad and MAKE THAT BOOK HAPPEN.
  8. The ability to make a book that’s totally underrated really popular in the blogosphere.
  9. The ability to have a review written by my brain without all the work.
  10. The ability to remember absolutely everything that happens in any book I’ve ever read.



  1. The title of Sarah Rees Brennan’s Mysterious Book Under a Different Pen Name.
  2. The ability to teleport to certain author events without dealing with a commute.
  3. A time turner so that I can go to these events without missing whatever else I need to do that evening.
  4. Infinite money for books and bookish events.
  5. The ability to forget spoilers immediately after coming across them.
  6. Bookshelves that are bigger on the inside.
  7. To subtly influence my favorite authors to do more tour stops in the Bay Area.
  8. Perfect memory for book quotes.
  9. Some sort of sci-fi-ish implant that lets me read things in my head without anyone noticing.

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