Top Ten Tuesday: Last Ten Books That Recently Came Into My Posession

TTTLast Ten Books That Recently Came Into My Possession
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Sondra is currently away on vacation, and I tragically do not have her fabulous Photoshop skills. But I went to the ALA annual conference recently, and I want to show off some of the amazing books I got there, so I’m doing this Top Ten Tuesday anyway. Here are the top ten books I got that I’m most excited to read and/or own!

25016375 23846013 23437156

23395680 22910900 20560137 18798983

22055262  22719283 18692431


13644055 18657784 14061957

13138635 11861715 16101128 19081403

22544764 18500665 22798836

What are the top ten books you got recently? Tell us in the comments!

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