So today, November 5th, is my birthday! I’m so crazy excited that I want to give books away! I have beside me a large box that has…well, a lot of books in it. What books? Wait isn’t that the point of birthdays? You get wrapped gifts and then have to rip them open to see what you got?? Why would I tell you what YOUR birthday gift is? I can promise you this it’s all YA, some blacklist, some frontlist, and even a large handful of arcs. The genre’s are all across the board too,Β seriously, there’s so much excitement in this box.

You want the books? Of COURSE you want the books. So here’s how you win!

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  1. HAPPEE BIRTHDAE! πŸ™‚ I hope you have a lovely celebration filled with all the bookish things!! Me personally, I like getting more book gift cards for my birthday than I do the actual books. There are always so many books I want and a lot of my buying them depends on the mood I’m in of what I want to read next, so I find it’s just easier asking for gift cards.

    Have a lovely birthday, girl. <3

    • I can’t even deny that gift cards are so much easier! Mostly because I buy books when I see them on sale, so if I see a great book on sale that you got me for my birthday…..whelp. I’m sorry? haha

  2. The books the I’m asking for Christmas since my brithday just pasted are the Raven Cycle series. I’m obsessed with the new cover and I want to own them all!!

    • Oooh!! I LOVED the Girl at Midnight (Actually posted a review of it here). I’m gonna have to check out your Air Awaken’s review that one has looked so good for a while now!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
    For my birthday this year I received Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas and See Me by Nicholas Sparks. I’m reading Throne of Glass now and loving it thus far.

  4. Happy belated birthday! πŸ™‚
    I tend to prefer gift cards. No one else in my family is much of a reader so gc’s ensure that I get the right book, even if I provide the title and author, and photo, it isn’t a guarantee that I’d get the right one! lol. But I’m more of a fantasy reader so that’s what I tend to buy more of, but I also read contemporary too.
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  5. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This is wonderful ^_^ *blows party….kazoo? What are those things?* CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS *THROWS PARTY HATS*

    NOW! WHAT DO /I/ WHAT?? *rubs greedy hands together* I would love to either get classic hardcover novels… ooOOOOOoooorrr YOUNG ADULT, SON! I’m really wanting The Grisha Trilogy and The Raven Cycle, and Dumplin! AND ILLUMINAE And SOME JOHN GREEN IN HARDBACK! AND JUST A LOT OF HARDCOVER BOOKS i swear i’m addicted aslkdf;j they’re just so pretty
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  6. Happy Birthday!!! I hope it was filled with good books and good cake!
    I would be lucky to get any books for my birthday. I work at a bookshop, so I think my family is under the impression that I buy all of the books that I want to read.

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