Fangirl Friday: The Lynburn Legacy


Hello, friends! Sondra and I have decided to add a new feature to our blog: Fangirl Friday, in which we pick a book or series to fangirl over every month, and devote our Fridays to our limitless enthusiasm. This month, we’ve chosen the Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan, and Sondra asked me to say a few words about why I love it so much.

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, Sarah Rees Brennan is one of my favorite authors of all time. Her voice and dialogue always feel very distinct, her characters are fun, memorable, and human, and she clearly takes a lot of delight in subverting and playing with common literary tropes. In addition, her interactions with fandom (particularly her tendency to laugh at her readers’ pain on Twitter and her hilarious livetweeting of television shows) always brings a smile to my face. The Lynburn Legacy wasn’t the first thing by Sarah Rees Brennan that I read, but it was the start of my investment in her writing, and it continues to be deeply important to me.

The Lynburn Legacy has three books: Unspoken, Untold, and Unmade. (Sarah Rees Brennan has mentioned that her original plan for the series was nine books…fingers crossed!) The story focuses on a teenage girl reporter named Kami Glass, who is brave and hilarious and determined to learn the truth. All her life, Kami has heard a voice in her head, belonging to a boy named Jared. Meanwhile, The Lynburns, who have for all intents and purposes ruled the town where Kami lives, return to their creepy gothic mansion. Soon afterward, things get very strange, and Kami and her friends must try to figure out what’s been going on.

Even though Sarah Rees Brennan describes the Lynburn Legacy as her more romance-focused series, family and friend relationships get a lot of page time as well. Kami’s friendship with Angela, a grumpy, nap-loving, people-hating teenage girl who is seemingly Kami’s polar opposite but will still do unspeakable things like [gasp] wake up early for her best friend’s sake, is a thing of beauty. And no one writes family relationships quite like Sarah Rees Brennan–in The Lynburn Legacy, the parents are mostly flawed and human and complex and actively trying to take a role in their children’s lives.

  • Other things to be found in the Lynburn legacy include:
  • subverted tropes, and lots of them
  • wonderful outfit descriptions courtesy of our heroine
  • (sidenote: Kami, Angela, and Holly, the main ladies, all take very different and complex attitudes to their appearance, a detail which I love)
  • a romance between two girls
  • a scene where a guy makes a joke-y comment about how ‘hot’ girl/girl romance is, and Kami proceeds to tell him off by describing a sex scene between him and his half-brother. Naked. Entwined.
  • writing that flawlessly alternates between snappy one-liners and absolutely beautiful descriptions
  • Kami is part Japanese, and it is always portrayed as an important part of who she is
  • all the characters and dynamics are a gift, but I can’t talk about them too much here because we have a whole other post planned for that

Basically, the Lynburn Legacy is the kind of series that lures you in with fun and adventures and lines like “It is the east, and Juliet is a jerk!” and “I hear girls like bad boys. I hope that’s true, because baby, I’m bad at practically everything,” and “Anyone who jogs should be shot at midday, [because] there is no need to ever get up at dawn, not even to shoot joggers,” and then before you know it, all the characters are your children and there are tears running down your face. Good times.

Sondra: Another fun thing we want to do these Fangirl Fridays is bring you an awesome Wallpaper for your desktop! Then you can celebrate with us all month! We’ll see if I can get one done every week or just once per series we choose. But enough of my rambling, here’s the first Lynburn Legacy wallpaper!

Lynburn1Click for full size (Also if you need a different size for your computer monitor feel free to ask me @RunYouCleverBoy)

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